• 10 JUN 20
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    Phone-Lines Update

    We apologise for the ongoing issue with our phone lines. The main business number 9699 0001 is being diverted to our reception team mobile phone, and you can call this number or email us at reception@eyeandretina.com.au

    The issue seems to have resulted from someone moving in to an apartment in the adjacent residential building trying to connect to the internet, and inexplicably the Telcos disconnecting our lines in the process. Blame seems to be being passed back and forth between Telstra and NBN Co, although neither has given us a clear answer.

    Unfortunately the fax number is still not operational, despite Telstra sending 2 technicians and this issue being created almost 2 weeks ago . We have been assured by Telstra that the issue should be rectified by tomorrow (11th June 2020). We apologise for any inconvenience.

    If you have attempted to make an appointment, refer us a patient or been inconvenienced in any way by this issue, please email to let us know. We have lodged a complaint with the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman and need to demonstrate the extent and manner which this issue has affected our patients, referrers and business. Thank you for your assistance.

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